Everything you need to know about sex 

One of the most important facts about sex is that it’s not as stressful as most people think. In fact, it’s such that you don’t need much preparation to have pleasurable sex. Although it’s essential that you have sex with those you love, it’s also crucial that you don’t have sex because you are coaxed. When you have sex because you want to have sex, or you enjoy being intimate with your partner, it brings out the uniqueness in the intimacy. 

Some people believe sex is underrated. While this is objective, it should be noted that it’s not entirely true. For those who believe sex is overrated, it might be because they haven’t had sex with the right person or lack the technical know-how to have pleasurable sex. So, irrespective of your stance on the topic of sex, you should know that your idea about sex is based on what you have experienced over time. If you haven’t experienced pleasurable sex for once, you might believe sex is overrated until you enjoy a different one. 

However, one of the essential ways to understand the concept of sex is to learn from the source. That could be traced to watching the various genres of porn videos like bisexual porn, lesbian porn, threesome, and BDSM, amongst others.

Top 3 facts to note about sex

Don’t allow anybody to stress you regarding whom or why you shouldn’t have sex. You are in charge of your body, and whether to have sex depends on you alone. Here are some of the facts you should know about sex.  

  • Sex is satisfying: 

One of the significant facts about sex is that it is satisfying. Most people have sex and claim they don’t enjoy it because they have it with the wrong person. So, the more you have sex with the wrong person or with the wrong mindset, the less satisfaction you get from having sex. So, instead of having sex and enjoying it, you end up being frustrated. Hence, before you have sex, be sure it’s what you want to do and not just because you want to please your partner. If you can have their mentality, you can begin to enjoy the satisfaction of sex. 

  • It’s one of the best ways of ensuring intimacy: 

Most times, individuals adopt sex to understand how much love their partner has for them. So, it’s more like a yardstick for measuring love at some point. If you love someone, you’d be willing to do anything to make them happy, including having sex. While having sex, intimacy is achieved, and during this moment, you get to discuss everything there is about one another. In fact, a much deeper connection will be established when you have sex with someone. Others believe there’s a spiritual aspect of sex that bring about intimacy with one another

  • It’s essential for procreation: 

Although there are various means of procreating, sex remains one of the most essential and effective means of procreation. It is such that it requires lesser factors to achieve reproduction compared to other means. With just two individuals in a comfy environment willing to let go of their inner demons, procreation is achieved. 

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